A research into basic colour systems, colour terms and an abstract and emotional approach to colour. Furthermore, in the course, we discussed the intellectual properties of colour. We learned to produce, see and experience colour and it‘s interaction with each other and light – working on the physicality of colour, as form and texture. We created personal colour arrangements and assessed it‘s relation to each other and the total image.

interpretation of produced colour range according to a system of reflecting and absorbing colours
theme of Body

different themes were established – colour swatches are created accordingly (such as Digital Colours, Body, Magazine...) and then arrange to tell an abstract story within the perception of colour itself.

theme of Home
detail of the theme Magazine
theme of Digital Colours

these shapes are a translation and interpretation of how different colours would manifest in shapes. there is a clear correlation of how different shades affect the shape, height and volume of the forms.

shape family representing different qualities of green
shape families in colour circle
shape family representing different qualities of reds