Let there be light.

If light is equated to life and DNA is the building block, why not go one step further and use accessible genetic editing to program and direct gene-expression in cells. Using CRISPR technology that facilitates gene editing on a precise scale, this project uses coloured light to control movement, growth patterns and chemical compositions of a living cell in real time. By programming a library of functions that are colour-encoded, the cells are activated and then executed depending on purpose.

The project was developed in collaboration with Wu Wen and Mohanraju Prarthana, Phd. candidates from the Department of Microbiology at Wageningen University.

In the scenario of Space Exploration,
genetic colour is used to trigger  property development of the skin to adapt the skin to space radiation.

In the scenario of Limb Regrowth,
genetic colour is used to activate  exact repair instructions for the human body in case of damage.

In the scenario of Urban Crowd Control, genetic colour is used to trigger negative body response as a mean of crowd control measurements in a totalitarian regime.