The expanding hunger for concrete in metropolitan Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is robbing the Mekong Delta of its natural resources - all beginning with sand.

Death of the Nine Dragons
​explores the devastation of the Mekong Delta, known by the locals as Cuu Long - the Nine Dragons, through the lens of Dark Tourism.
In the installation, a fictional travel agency which offers a tour that sheds light on the damaging sand mining process of the Delta. The project outlines the journey from sand to concrete that feeds the pitless hunger of the urban growth of nearby metropolitan Ho Chi Minh City.

The project was developed in conjunction with Van Abbe Museum and Design Academy Eindhoven.

The GEO—DESIGN exhibition platform is an ongoing  exhibition series which approaches design from an investigative perspective, proposing new formats of research into the socio-economic, geographical and geopolitical forces shaping the work of designers today.

Curator: Martina Muzi